Starting Strength Basic Barbell Trainin 3rd Edition

Essential Barbell is committed to making you strong. Whether you're an athlete, executive, parent or grandparent you can benefit from strength. We have the skill and tools available to meet you where you are today, whether you are a beginner or experienced lifter. 


Our philosophy is strongly rooted in the Starting Strength Method, but also incorporates methods from the Westside Barbell when applicable.

Exercises are selected based on 3 criteria

  1. They use the greatest amount of muscle mass

  2. Over the largest effective range of motion

  3. with the most weight possible

The combination of these criteria allow us to become as strong as possible.

Programming is based off of the Stress/Recovery/Adaptation Cycle

and the principle of minimum effective dose, with respect to the persons level of advancement and a focus on long-term improvements.

Why Strength

Strength serves as the base of all other physical abilities.

Strength is the ability to produce force against an external resistance. Being capable of producing more force makes everything else easier.

Power, agility, flexibility, coordination, balance, muscular endurance, accuracy, and even cardiovascular endurance are affected by strength to some degree.

Improving your strength will improve your health, physique, quality of life and performance.

Why a Starting Strength Coach

Starting Strength Coaches (SSC's) are experts in barbell training. To become an SSC a person must demonstrate the ability to coach basic barbell lifts (squat, bench press, deadlift, overhead press, power clean) to the Starting Strength model in real time while being evaluated by a select group of staff coaches. The candidate must also demonstrate proficiency in the performance of the same movements .

Successful candidates will then submit a series of essays proving mastery in relevant physics, physiology and programming. In order to answer the questions thoroughly enough a passing essays will typically be 25,000 words or more.

Most do not pass the examination process. The pass rate is approximately 15%, making the Starting Strength Certification the most rigorous in the industry.

To date there are approximately 130 SSC's worldwide.

Hiring an SSC means you are getting the best coach to guide you through the process of training. There are no gimicks or fads with an SSC, just a logical, well thought out process to get you to your goal. SSC's simplify the complicated and dramatically compress the time it takes to become proficient in the movements.